#46 Man-Made ‘Nebula’ Woodturning

Hollow form made with stabilized maple burl. This is the same wood used to make ‘90 BPM’. This is one of the reasons I so love working with this medium. It’s amazing the different looks you can get from the same piece of wood. Thanks for watching beautiful people. ❤️

#45 The Flat Earth Project 😂 “Divergence”

Made a piece out of spalted maple burl w/ebony & aluminium rod. Decided to call this one “Divergence”. The thumbnail I used in this video has meaning: When you flip the peace sign upside down, it’s composed of the ancient “Algiz” inside of a circle. “Algiz” represents life, beginning, and protection; very fitting for a symbol of peace. Added to the circle, the meaning is “endless peace”. This is my wish for all of you. If you enjoyed this video … smash the subscribe button, and smack the like button. It certainly helps out! Have a fantastic day! Peace out!